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Xi Yan
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Our Story

Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant is the result of four distinguished chefs and a vision to establish the best seafood restaurant in the west to cater to Singaporean’s insatiable demand for top quality, fresh and live seafood.     

Our four culinary experts bring with them extensive cooking experience from well-known kitchens across the island and their innovative takes on local favourites and staple seafood dishes

Master Chef Sui Chuan Wu has worked the stove in many well-known hotels and restaurants while making his mark in local and international culinary competitions in his 33 year career. Our signature Steamed Crabs in Nyonya Sauce is his invention. A must-try for crab lovers, thick and fragrant nyonya sauce is drizzled on steamed crab for an irresistible mix of sweet and spicy flavours.

Chef Chen Zhiming is our Cantonese cuisine specialist with over 40 years of experience working in Hong Kong. Try his Rice Net Seafood Rolls, succulent prawns, scallops and pollock roe are intricately weaved and layered into a Vietnamese rice net before being fried golden brown for a crispy, melt-in-your-mouth finish.

Chef He Yong Cai’s special concoction of XO sauce has an unrivalled salty and sweet taste and is unmistakably fragrant. Carefully created with Jin Hua Ham, scallops and shrimps, tease your taste buds with his savoury creation on our fresh seafood offerings like bamboo clams and pacific geoduck clams.

Our Hong Kong dim sum lunch menu is curated by Chef Ye Bing Xing. His original Princess Snow Mountain Bun is not to be missed. Soft and sweet pastry envelops a filling of meat mixed with fresh milk for a unique taste you won’t find anywhere else. With other popular favourites on the menu like Fresh Shrimp Dumplings, Shao Mai, Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, Custard Buns, and Shark Fin Soup Dumplings, you won’t stop at just one!

Our Story
Dine in Elegance and Comfort
Xi Yan Seafood Restaurant

Xi Yan offers indoor-outdoor dining, rain or shine. Our main dining hall is an elegant and comfortable space accommodating 50 tables. A banquet hall and multiple function rooms are available to be booked for private/corporate events.

Come evening time, kick back with some beer and relaxing music and enjoy the evening breeze at the Al fresco tables.As part of our opening, enjoy a 20% discount on all Hong Kong Cuisine and Seafood (except Dim Sum packages). There is also a special 50% discount on all crab dishes.